By Dr. Aslam Abdullah

The Zionists are working through Emgage, whose leaders’ loyalty to pro-Israeli public officials and think tanks is well-known, and the Hindutva elements are working through money power.

Emgage has officially decided not to endorse Kulkarni, but all of its major players in the District are behind him for reasons best known to them. The leadership has succeeded in convincing the most prestigious Muslim organization in the country, the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, to open backdoor channels to work with Kulkarni. On October 8, the ISGH President Sohail Syed, ignoring the Muslim community’s general sentiments in District 22 has called for a meeting with Kulkarni at his residence in Cypress. He calls it a private forum and has invited the Shura Council members to join him.

Kulkarni did not accept the invitation to enjoy the Hyderabadi. Biryani or mutton curry. He is going to the meeting because Sohail is the President of the ISGH, and he hopes that by being seen with him, he would garner some more support among Muslims. ISGH shura knows this fact. Sohail has been loyal to Emgage and has reportedly ignored members’ requests to distance from Emgage. When the vote to break off relations with Emgage was put in one of the ISGH meetings, Sohail vetoed the tie vote.

He is playing law. A not for profit organization cannot endorse a candidate and cannot contribute to their campaign. The President’s private meeting will jeopardize the status of the ISGH if any of its members report to the Elections commission that ISGH’s name was used and funds were raised. Such a meeting is unethical, deceptive, and harmful, many residents of District-22 believe.