Leaders call on Mpower Change and MPAC to also cut ties with Emgage

(WASHINGTON DC 10/9/2020) – The “Drop Emgage” Campaign today welcomed the announcement by the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) that Emgage USA/Emgage Action is no longer a member organization of its body of over 40 council member organizations. The Campaign said that such a move was necessary to prevent the taint of any such political advocacy organizations that actively partner with anti-Palestinian, Zionist, and RSS entities, undermining broader Muslim political empowerment and grassroots efforts. Drop Emgage calls on other organizations to follow USCMO’s lead and end all partnerships with Emgage, given its well-documented ties with anti-Muslim groups.

The Drop Emgage Campaign issued the following statement:

“We applaud USCMO for dropping Emgage from its body of council members. This critical step sends a message that Muslim American communities are unified in rejecting organizations that partner and collaborate with anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim Zionist organizations. And it makes it clear that Emgage does not represent our Muslim communities or our values.

This move is further proof that Emgage’s leadership not only maintains long and deep ties with toxic groups like the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and Shalom Hartman Institute’s MLI, but also that they never intended to sever those ties. Essentially, Emgage USA chose to keep their partnerships with anti-Palestinian Zionist groups over their membership in USCMO. Emgage chose to stand with the groups that support the occupation of Palestine and attack Muslim leaders nationwide, instead of standing with Muslim American organizations.

The Drop Emgage Campaign remains concerned that other organizations are maintaining their alliance with Emgage and have yet to disavow Emgage’s deep ties to anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian Zionists groups. The Campaign hopes that these other organizations partnering with Emgage, including MPower Change, follow USCMO’s lead and drop Emgage for good.”