US Muslim Council Drops Emgage over Zionist ties

Emgage has been dropped from the US Council of Muslim Organizations after it refused requests to end relationships with pro-Israel and anti-Muslim groups.

This comes a month after The Electronic Intifada’s exposé of Emgage’s ties to Israel lobby groups set off a heated debate among Muslim American activists and led to mounting calls for organizations to cut ties with Emgage – which aims to position itself as “the main civic organization for Muslim American communities.”

American Muslims for Palestine Drops Emgage

AMP said it doesn’t condone or tolerate any normalization with Zionist organizations. In fact, it is AMP that had issued publications on the subject, and it is AMP that has always pushed back against creeping normalization within our community. In the meantime, until these demands of the Palestinian and the Muslim communities’ leadership are met, AMP will continue to impose a prohibition on a collaborative relationship with Emgage.

Review of Emgage by Ahmed Shaikh ESQ

Emgage has been banned in a great many Masajid in Florida in part because it has developed poor relationships with Muslim leaders throughout the state. While Emgage is a member of the South Florida Muslim Federation, it is not especially liked there. Maintaining poor relationships and having a reputation for detestable conduct in Florida seems to be more of a problem for Emgage in that state than any perceived Zionist or Hindutva sympathy (even though nobody will forget to list these). I had talked to several Muslim leaders in Florida who recounted several unethical and underhanded tactics, for example:

Emgage Endorsing pro-Israel candidates

Middle East Eye has found that Emgage has endorsed at least 20 pro-Israel candidates competing in November’s elections, calling into the question the organisation’s agenda and vetting process.

Out of the 41 congressional candidates endorsed by Emgage in 2020, MEE found at least 12 Congressional incumbents who co-sponsored or voted against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) in Congress in 2019, had taken multiple sponsored trips to Israel, and collectively received upwards of $621,697 from the pro-Israel lobby since 2017.

Tx-22 Congressional Race Gets Messier: Emgage plays a double game

Dr. Aslam Abdullah In recent memory, the Emgage leadership in the United States display these two qualities in its leadership style. The organization has hypocrites among them, and the organizational leaders deceive their constituents. They wear hijab and beards, they quote the Quran and Sunnah and pretend to serve Muslim interests. But, in reality, they […]


Leaders call on Mpower Change and MPAC to also cut ties with Emgage (WASHINGTON DC 10/9/2020) – The “Drop Emgage” Campaign today welcomed the announcement by the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) that Emgage USA/Emgage Action is no longer a member organization of its body of over 40 council member organizations. The Campaign said that such a move was necessary […]

Zionists and Hindutva trying to control Muslim votes in Texas-22

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah The Zionists are working through Emgage, whose leaders’ loyalty to pro-Israeli public officials and think tanks is well-known, and the Hindutva elements are working through money power. Emgage has officially decided not to endorse Kulkarni, but all of its major players in the District are behind him for reasons best known […]