(Dearborn, MI 9/10/2020) Today, a group of prominent Muslim, Arab, and South Asian American leaders, academics, and activists launched a campaign named “Drop Emgage,” urging communities and leaders to sever ties with Emgage. The call to action, comes in response to Emgage’s reported alliances with several Zionist organizations such as AIPAC, the ADL, and the AJC, which have histories of engaging in anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian activities.

The open letter released today criticizes Emgage leadership for aligning with these groups, which contradicts the interests of the communities Emgage claims to represent. Specific concerns are raised about Emgage cofounders Farooq Mitha and Khurrum Wahid, as well as CEO Wael Alzayat, whose roles are seen as attempts to normalize oppressive measures against Palestinians. Mitha, who also acts as Joe Biden’s Muslim Engagement Advisor, is highlighted for not representing the communities’ views or personal political aspirations.

The coalition demands an immediate cessation of Emgage’s normalization activities, a commitment to uphold BDS principles, and a public denouncement of Zionism as a racist ideology. The letter closes with a plea for all people of conscience to reject Emgage’s unprincipled leadership that undermines community integrity and silences the voices of grassroots Muslim and Palestinian activists.